DepEd ADVISORY No. ZE, s. 2012 In compliance with DepED Order No. 39, s. 2009 this advisory is issued for the information of DepEd oficials and personnel (visit DepEd website at w1\.w ... Theate. Seas.n Deped Advisory No.248 s.2012 May 7,2012 STAGING OF TFATRC MTNSAHEROS IlIUSiCAL FIAYS
Enclosute to DepEat $?morsr.tlm t?s, !. 2012) listultr( ol ,lf $trtrptrltltg llrolrser!trnt lir$r1dtr0ll ?ontntt ... '''] ra!.l a.t,r',l i; .,llr i lt l.t \f,\t, DepED Memorandum N0.775 s.2ol2 September 25, 2012 ... !palrons ,rider rls J!rsCrcnorl W}IEREAS tho Oep3dnrenl .{ Elucalion (DepEd) rs a governrnenl eotity ,-r
Mrlon . s6ltool!Eupirintendonl cdllPhono Numbsr: E.mall addrorBi DepEd MEMORANDUM No: 89 s,2012 Date ... to D?pEd Order No. 89, s' 2012 Rogion FORM.{ Roglondl Roport or Schools with 5% or Moro lncrgati ln ... I2 AR]uIN A. TUISTR() Secrctary Enclosure i{o. r to DepEd Order No, A9, s. 2()12 ACTIVITIES
.treautea on December 8 9,-2012as snnounc?d in DepEd Advigory No. s47, a. 2o tz rrss lcin reacheaurca to iir"i j.s, zots ... . - DcpEd ADVtgORy No. El| s, 2Ot3In comptisnc. wtrh D6pED Ordcr No. 39, ?. 2OO9tnt. advraory lr i8!ued for thr informedon of DepEd officiel? and D$3on..l(vis DepEd webs,re ar wl !l
.srg cits 1600 F urr r"*,ua"rru,o"" 1361 4636'48t6/637 6209 | * a.p.a.e- plt DepED Order No.11 s.2014 ... .rivrd:Jottfh rl l1lr,l t|115 {Enclosure No. 1 to DepEd Order No. 11, s. 20141 POLICY GUIDELINES ON TI ... ae[stli. of t!, Slitilpin.t Depsrtment of @dutation ? I FEB 2014 DepEd ORDERNo. 11, s. 2ola
l. i ,,;r }.!ntti! ot t!,. iptitirPircs Eepcrtmert of @butdtiotl 17 FEg 2014 DepEd MEMORANDUM No ... , Pasis c'q' 1600 lP633-? "0",u"'""u,u"' "u'*oso_+ezolosr_ozoe { * a"l"a sou pI' DepED Memorandum No ... of Education (DepEd)' including those in the regional and schools division oflices, may apply for Ombudsiman
DepEd qdvisory No. @5. s. 20 l3NovFmber27.2or3 l Ji Z! 42 9 In compliance with DepEd Order No. a ... schools shall be subject to tle ao<]isruption- ofdasses policg as stipulated in DepEd Order No- 9, s. 2OO5 ... ,r-NovemtEr 26,2013 DepED Advisory No.505 s,2013 November 27, 20X3 Junior Phvsiklaban 2014 ACKNOWLEDGMENT
DepEd Advisory No. 427, s. 2Ol3 Qctober 2,2013 In compliance with DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2013 ... in DepEd Order No. 9, s. 2005 entitJed Institriing MeasLres to hcrease Engaged Time-on-Task and Ensunng ... Y No' 471' s. 2O13 October 31 , 2O 13 In compliance with DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2013 ' this advisory
{aLilcasan. warcls an.t thc yES Prograrn Awards pursuarrl to DepEd Order No. 52, s. 2011. 5. Par Licipauts lo thc c ... llcfcrcrlccs: Dcpl-d Ordcl: (Nos. 52 ix)d 93, s. 2011) Dcplii l I\{cmorandum: No.38, s.2012 To Lrc irldicatcd ... ],S STUDENTS ARMTN A. LIIISTRO Secreta|y DepED Memorandum No.39 s.2013 Februarv 26,2013 YOI]TH FOR ENV
offices to the ASP Secretariat is on July 15, 2014. FSC Encl.i As stated References: DepEd Oder: (No. a3, s.2011) DepEd Memorandum No. 40, s. 2013 To be indicated in the Percetual Index under the folowing ... : lEnclosure to DepEd Memotandum No. 32, 3. 2014) Brigada Eskwela Nattonal Schools Maintendce Week
DepED Regton IV-A CALI|BARZO Advisory lto. 39 , s. 2O13 August 13,2013 CALAAARZON COLLEGE ACIIOLARSIIP (CCS} PROGRAU YEAR ELEVEN First Asia Institute of Technolory arld Humanities will launch ... . For inquiries, please call Atty. Gay Maie M. Francisco at tel' no. (043) 405-2326. CAIABARZoN college
:ang Filipino, narito aig nirebisang DepED Advisory No. 352, s. 2013 na may petsang Agosto 14, 201,3. Kasana ng ... .roo..o ! 4 1,r,,.- DepEd Advisory No. 352, s. 2013 August 14,2013 In comptiance with DepEd Order No. a, s ... -disn)ptibtl-of'crasses por.y na nasasaad sa DepEd Order No. g, s. 2005 na Inay pamagat la Ins.titutirry Measures to Ir
FRttl : FRX ND. : +EA??1gr 7 Jan. 2u7I4 14: L-J F2 DepEd Advisory No. 388, s. 2013 September i 3, 2013 In compliance with Dep$d Order No, 8, s. 2013 this Advisory is issued for the informatiod ... to the no- dieruption-of-classes policy as stipulated in DepEd Order No.9; s. 2005 entitied ' Instituting
DepED REGION IV - A (CALABARZON) ADVISORY No. b, s 201g August 7, 2013 PNVSCA-NEDA ANNUAL SEARCH FOR OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEERS (SOV) FOR 2013 The Philippine National Volunteer Sen'ice Coordinating Agencir (PNVSCA ... , NEDA TV-A at tel. nos. (049) 576-0149 and e-mail address at p!q9d4ed444!9944i!4!1u. APPROVED
!aa!!f DepED Memorandum No.37, s.2OI4 March 24,2014 Graduate Diploma in Cultural Education Scholarship ... : e (Erclosu!? No. 2 to DepEd Memorandum No. 37, s. 20141 NATIONAL COMMISSION FOB ... .l -,tr I "l trEl-,F li.rul,ti. !f tlre Sbilippines Departflent of @lutstiln 24 tlAR 2014 DepEd
and communication Technology office DepEd Advisory No. 475, s. 2013 November 4,2013 ln compliance with DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2013 this advisory is issued for the inlormatioo of DepEd officiats, personnel ... schools shall be subject to the ,?o- disruption'of-classes policg as stipulated in DepEd Order No. 9. s. 2
DepED Memorandum No.80 s.2013 May 10,2013 Dissemination of DILG Memorandum Circular No. 29, S. 2013 ... je bli. !t tlrr lplili$ifts Depurtment of ?lutetion 10 l4AY 2013DepEd MEMORANDUMNo. 80 . s.20.1J ... OFFICIALS SCHOOLS D MCR/DM-M?morddum Cncut6 to HlvddAiDs 0401/May 3, 20I3l05_?-13 SecretarJ. DepEd c6mprd